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Welcome to Top Dog Photos!

We are glad you have come to visit our top dog photography website.
We have recently remodeled things to more accurately reflect the services we offer. 

I am not just a dog photographer.

We will photograph anything you need done. After looking around at photographers,
and observing the services they offer, it was quite apparent, that their
stock photos and services were just that.


If you have a special need for an article you are writing, an ad you are creating,
or if you need product photos,  I will custom shoot anything you need done.
Rather than settle for a photograph that's close,  does it not make sense,
to get the exact photograph you need?

I'll custom photograph the subjects you need done, and I will not charge
extra for this work. You tell me what you need, I will get it for you. One nice
thing is, we will put your photographs up in a private gallery, so you can make
your choices, and then once made, we'll upload the high resolution image for you 
to download. This saves postage and delivery fees and speeds up the process of
getting you the images you need, quickly.

Photographs just the way you want them,
EXACTLY the way you need them.


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