Designing Ads:
If you have ever tried to design an ad for any of the big
dog magazines you surely know what a hassle it can be.
The font types, the images size and format.  Does the ad
turn out once in print, exactly the way you want?

This is why I am here.

What we recommend of course, is a photo shoot first.
This way we have quality photographs to work with and
use, so the ad looks as good as it possibly can. We all
know how important it is, to get the peoples attention that
read these magazines.  We will use your ideas and make
suggestions on how you want it to look. We will design the
ad and put it up on the internet for you to view. You can
then call us, on our toll free number, and go over the
modifications you need. We will send your ad to the publisher,
either via the internet or Fed Ex overnight.

Usually to design an ad your costs are going to be in the
neighborhood of $ 250.00.  The reason I say approximately is,
each ad is different. Some take more work than others. If
we can upload your finished ad to the internet, and email the publishers,
we automatically save the Fed Ex overnight charges, which can
be quite expensive.

Call me today! Lets get busy on your next ad and let me take all the
hassles out of putting together your next dog ad.



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