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Photo Shoots:
Photo Shoots give us the opportunity to plan out a strategy to get the best photographs possible. Whether it be for the family holiday greeting cards or a framed photograph for over the fireplace. We plan on the types of clothes to wear, color of background you would like, the mood of the photographs, and how you would like to use the images.

We want you to get the exact types of photographs you desire. Some photographers will take your photographs the way they see fit. I will listen to you, and try to get the exact photograph you want. If you want us to make suggestions, of course we will do that, but our bottomline is making sure YOU, get the photos you want.

Most photo shoots last about 45 minutes and you are more than welcome to bring several changes of clothes. If you have a special prop you would like to use, please bring that with you.

1.  Outside Photo Shoot:
$ 210.00
(1/2 hour)

We have quite a few favorite locations around Denver that we feel we have gotten great results in the past from our photo shoots.  We would be happy to suggest a few for you. We can shoot in your backyard or anyplace you desire.  We will shoot for one half hour. We will put the proofs up on the internet, in a private area for you to view as you have time, and include  1 - 8" x 10" photograph into this price.


2.  Studio Photo Shoot:
$ 249.00
(1/2 hour)
We will schedule you to be photographed in our studio. We have several choices of backgrounds, and a wide variety of props to use. If you have your own props and want to incorporate those, we would be more than happy to use those as well. We will shoot for one half hour, we will put the proofs up on the internet, in a private gallery,for you to view, at your leisure, and also included in this price is 1 - 8" x 10" photograph.

3.  Studio Photo Shoot at your home:
$ 279.00 (1/2 hour)
(1/2 hour)
We come to your home and set up our studio lights in whatever room you choose. We need approximately  20 minutes ahead of time to set up our stands and lights.  We encourage our clients, to plan two sets of clothing for this shoot. We will visit ahead of time to give you our input on colors and types. Once again, we will put the proofs of your photo shoot up on the internet, in a private gallery, for you to view. We also include  1 - 8" x 10" photograph into this price.

Additional Photos: Cost:
5" x  7" $ 18.00 per each
8" x 10" $ 23.00 per each
11" x 14" $ 41.00 per each
20" x 30" $ 81.00 per each


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