Website Design
We talk to a lot of people that would like a website,
but either do not have the time, or the desire to learn
how to build one.  Even a family website has a ton of
great applications. For instance, you can update a
family website, once a month with photos of the kids
or dogs, letting distant relatives, know how things are
going.  It really is a nice way to keep everyone in
your family unit, updated and informed.

Websites are also very useful ways to show off and display
your dogs to all your friends. If you have a major victory,
or a special photo of Spot, what a great way to share those
images with your friends and relatives, keeping them updated
with all your accomplishments.

Websites are a great tool to communicate and inform the people
that are important to you.


Our Pricing:
A simple 5 page website is generally sufficient for most families. We can design the content with artistic graphics and photos of anything your heart desires.  We will also host your website, meaning we'll make it reachable on the internet, for a monthly fee of $ 50.00.  Your web address would read something like,

Let us help you organize your new website and leave the headaches to us!


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